10 Best Countries To Visit On A Jamaican Passport

After my last Jamaica related article about what it is like Travelling the world on a Jamaica passport, I have decided to break it down a little to make it even more vivid.

The last article got the attention I least expect and many did not think that travelling to visa-free countries is a possibility.

Now, an article I have never really thought of, thanks to you and your feedback. I am sharing 10 Best Countries to Visit On a Jamaican Passport.

It is such a pleasure to share this knowledge with you all. But, remember, I am writing this for me, but also for you, so if there are any more topics or blog post you would like for me to cover, please do not hesitate to drop me a quick Facebook message, email or an Instagram comment. I am reading and I am responding.

I have selected these countries to which I have had first-hand experience with. These are also countries that wouldn’t require too much hassle to visit coming from Jamaica or the other Caribbean Islands.

Here are 10 Best Countries To Visit on A Jamaican Passport, all of which are visa-free. For me, the visa-free part is like music to the ear.

You needed a visa to visit Brazil until February of last year. Now, it’s all visa-free.

I was just here for the 2016 Rio Olympics. You can read about it here: Rio 2016 Volunteer

This, however, was my second time visiting the country and it is probably one of my favourites in South America. The people are great; they are friendly, welcoming and the country is beautiful.

I love it here.

The last time I was going through immigration, the Immigration Officer was cheering on Usain Bolt. As a Jamaican, you gotta love this country. In fact, Jamaica also has a really good relationship with Brazil.

Cuba is only 90-miles away from Jamaica and a total opposite of what we are used to. If you want to feel as if you are back in the 1950’s, add Cuba to your list of visa-hassle-free countries to visit.

I plan to re-visit soon, and the next time I do I plan to indulge myself more into some sweet Cuban salsa. The music and dance are great here; not to mention the history.

However, you will need to visit a Cuban Consulate for a visa card. It is not an actual visa, just a card with your personal details to enter the country along with your passport.

In the past, I purchased mine for $15. Prices might vary depending on your current location.

3. Argentina
To the very last tip of the Southern Hemisphere sits Argentina. In fact, it is further south of Brazil….You can visit both in one go!

Argentina is beautiful and even though Jamaicans and possibly other Caribbean Islands are allotted no more than 30-days in each visit, I have already visited more 5 times. Yes, I cannot get enough of the football nation. They are also known for their steak and their region in the south called Patagonia. These two reasons alone are enough for me to keep going back and a reason for you to visit.

4. Dominica Republic
Again, one of Jamaica’s neighbouring visa-free country. Although a country that is located in the same region, it is one that promises to give you a different experience.

I visited the Dominican Republic on the behalf of Club Med Punta Cana approximately 1 month ago. You can enter to win a free trip there if you stroll to the very last tip of this featured article.

5. Chile
Chile is home away from home for me. I have lived here for approximately 2 years, mainly because of my love for travelling and a personal desire to learn Spanish fluently as a ‘third’ language, in which I did.

Chile has two extremes. They share the most southern tip of the world with Argentina and in the north of the country, they have the driest non-polar desert. Chile is an art. Give it a go!

6. Mexico
Friendly, helpful, friendly again and very polite. A very diverse and beautiful country. One that is filled with culture and history. I am looking to re-visit Mexico again. Maybe sometime next year.

Mexico is not a very hard country to get to from the Caribbean. Also, Jamaicans are allotted 6-months on each visit.

7. Colombia
Let’s just say 1 out of every 5 Colombians that I personally come across wants to visit Jamaica. The sad part about it is that they require a visa to visit the island. We all know what that feeling is like.

I have visited all the countries in South America (Except for Venezuela) and Colombians are said to be some of the friendliest.

The country is vast, diverse and probably the closest in resemblance to Jamaica within the continent. Give Colombia a visit. It is way up on my ‘favourite-places’ list.

8. Panama
Panama is probably the most visited for Jamaicans with regards to this list. If you are looking to visit a country that doesn’t require a visa, I recommend giving Panama a try. I have passed through Panama a number of times, but never long enough to give a full feedback. However, I’ve heard it is a beautiful country.

9. Belize
Here is an interesting fact about Belize. Belize has the second largest Barrier Reef in the world. Right after the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.

If you love diving or enjoy snorkeling then you might want to visit Belize and add the Blue Hole to your list.

I cannot even begin to express what the Blue Hole is like. I had the chance of being flown over the Blue Hole in March and I am still a little speechless. I wish I had done a video to share the experience, however, I did a quick blog post. You can view it here.

Also, I just completed a guide on Belize: Island Hopping, Mayan Ruins & The Blue Hole: A Guide to Belize

10. Ecuador
I did my very first solo trip to Ecuador and for this, I recommend it. I never want to forget where I am coming from. I went to Ecuador knowing 2 – 3 words of Spanish. You know: ?Hola!.. ?Buenos dias!..?Como estas? The locals were nice about it and it was a first good experience.

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